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December 4, 2023

Today marked a monumental shift as Ten North Group unveiled City Terrace, a visionary 850-unit, multi-complex housing development, alongside 58,300 sq. ft. of commercial space, breathing new life into Downtown Opa-locka. The press conference was nothing short of spectacular, revealing a master plan dedicated to preserving Opa-locka’s rich Moorish architecture while celebrating its unique African cultural identity.

The event crescendoed with a riveting panel discussion, “Landscape Noir: Blackness and the Built Environment,” featuring distinguished voices in the field:

🤝C. Isaiah Smalls II: Miami Herald Race & Culture Reporter, and our esteemed Moderator.

🤝Dr. Willie Logan: President & CEO, Ten North Group, spearheading this transformative project.

🤝Chad Musgrove: Senior VP, M&T Realty Capital Corporation, bringing financial insight to the table.

🤝Megan McLaughlin: Preservation and Planning Leader at PlusUrbia Design, AICP, offering expertise in design and planning.

🤝Aaron McKinney: Development Manager at The Integral Group, contributing to the project’s dynamic vision.

🤝Brittany Morgan: Director of Economic Resilience at The Miami Foundation, advocating for sustainable growth.

Together, we’re propelling Opa-locka towards a vibrant future, redefining what it means to live, thrive, play, and prosper in our beloved city.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue this thrilling journey of revitalization!

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